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How do Visitors feel about the Exhibit?  We’ll let our Guests Speak for Themselves…(Taken from a Visitor Book located in the Exhibit)

“ As a fellow British citizen,  I am in awe of this beautiful exhibition. I am overjoyed to see the memories, saddened to remember that fateful day, but humbled knowing I was privileged to experience the ‘People’s Princess’ in my lifetime. We will never forget.”                    
                    L. Hugo, Irvine, CA

“Was deeply touched by the beauty and tragedy. I won’t be able-- nor will anyone be able to walk away--without motivation and new challenges. I’ve never seen such a well put together exhibit.”
                    Karis R. Funk, Address Unlisted

“Gorgeous, elegant, breathtaking--just an outstanding exhibit. She was such a wonderful person who was full of life. Sad to see her past, but the exhibit brings her to life.”
                    Tiffany Reid, Address Unlisted

“Loved all the detail and feel blessed to have learned more about her. She truly impacted the world and peoples’ lives. What a wonderful mother!”
                    Sharon Rose Helle Forsman, St. Louis Park, Minnesota

“What a wonderful inspiring woman and we all still miss her very much. Wonderful presentation of the real Diana!”
                    Lynn and Simon Peterson, Ayr, Scotland

“Everything is so well put together and beautiful. The tour was brilliant, well done!  Diana was such an amazing woman.  Thank you for sharing her story.”
                    Christy and Natalie Hourison, Corona, CA

“Incredible display and tribute to a beautiful woman and family-- and a very memorable piece of history!”
                    Michael and Holly Bell, Texas

“The exhibit is absolutely amazing and incredibly overwhelming. The pulchritudinous, generous and loving Princess Diana was an exceptional human being.  Enjoyed  it tremendously.”
                    Ernie Marasigan, Jr., Los Angeles, CA

“This is truly a beautiful exhibition that does a wonderful job telling the stories of not only Princess Diana but of the Royal Family. A visual treat.”
                    Karen Ou, Address Unlisted

“Touching.  We were very moved by this exhibit. We all loved Diana so very much. Thank you so very much for sharing these items with us.”
                    Cynthia Dawn and Roberta Neisler, Thousand Oaks, CA

“This exhibit is so well done and very informative. A lovely view of Princess Diana.”
                    Sandra A., Buttersfield, CA