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British Royals Who Were Part of the RMS Queen Mary's History

As its title suggests, the exhibit highlights Diana, Princess of Wales, and the charitable legacy she left behind after her 17 years in the spotlight. But it also provides an in-depth look at the history of the Windsor  Monarchs who have sat on the British throne for the past 100 years—with special emphasis on the  Royals associated with the historic Queen Mary. These include: King George V and Queen Mary, who christened the ship; King Edward VIII, who was present for her Maiden Voyage before he formally abdicated—and who later with his wife sailed on it numerous times; King George VI, the stuttering second son whose story was told in "The King’s Speech;" The Queen Mother, who used it as her "floating hotel" to return to England  after a successful Official Canadian Tour; and Queen Elizabeth, who toured the ship as a young girl accompanied by her mother and younger sister Margaret. Also featured in the exhibition are the younger Royals, who because of their ages, unfortunately only know of the ocean liner’s history and grandeur from its long association with their family and country: Prince Charles; Princes William and Harry; and now, of course, the Duchess of Cambridge.

DIANA: LEGACY OF A PRINCESS contains over 1,000 pieces of historical memorabilia which highlight a wide variety of art. Included are such items as: nine Princess Diana Dresses; one-of-a-kind historical items; handwritten letters; invitations and menus; designer-signed fashion sketches; gifts given to and by the Prince and Princess of Wales; personal items which belonged to each Royal; the world’s largest collection of Crees & Coe wax-over-porcelain artist dolls; an extremely large collection of Chinese reverse-painted perfume bottles; limited edition china; etc. The collection and eight Princess Diana Dresses belong to Suzanne King, president and founder of Pink Ribbons Crusade. But to provide even more interest and variety, select items have been borrowed from other Pink Ribbons Crusade volunteers as well as generous "Diana friends" owning Diana Dresses or unique, one-of-a-kind historical pieces.

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