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Get an up close and personal look at the RMS Queen Mary by participating in the array of exciting and informative guided tours she has available. From the ship's groundbreaking construction and royal launch as the most luxurious and technologically-advanced ocean liner at the time, to her duty as a troopship during WWII, to her golden days in the 1950s, to her earning the nickname "The Haunted Ship, " the Queen Mary's history is dominated with action, adventure, romance, and paranormal activity. You'll have the opportunity to explore the ship from bow to stern--both inside and out. Allow the Queen's informative guides to bring the ship "alive" with their interesting stories, facts, and insight.  They're also glad to answer any questions you may have about this cherished historical landmark.


Diana: Legacy of a Princess
Ghosts & Legends Show

Historical Tours
Historical “Glory Days”
Her Finest Hour: WWII
Twilight Historical
Scorpion Submarine

Paranormal/Ghost Tours
Dining with Spirits: Fine Dining & Paranormal Investigation
Paranormal Spirit Box: Summon the Spirits
Paranormal Spirit Walk
Paranormal Ship Walk
Paranormal Investigation

Other Tours

Self-Guided Audio Tour of Ship


For detailed tour information, visit the Queen Mary Website.