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"Runway Alive in PINK" 2014


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Pink Ribbons Crusade is a truly unique charity.  Not only does it have minuscule administrative costs, it works "miracles" with its handful of volunteers. The totally-volunteer organization has no paid staff, formal office, or consultants. It was created to raise funds to help fight Breast Cancer and does so with its borrowed $4,500,000 traveling exhibit featuring many of Princess Diana’s gorgeous gowns plus a fabulous array of Royal historical memorabilia. The money it generates stays in the community which sponsors its exhibit; so in the case of the Queen Mary exhibition, the beneficiary will be a worthwhile Breast Cancer organization serving the Long Beach/Orange County area. For some, Pink Ribbons Crusade has become more than a full-time job--others simply donate all the spare time they have available. But let us assure you--without this small band of unselfish “crusaders,” DIANA: LEGACY OF A PRINCESS would be an impossibility. So please "take a bow" all you talented ladies who wear your pink shirts so proudly. Thanks for your continued help in fighting Breast Cancer.

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