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Pink Ribbons Crusade was founded in early 2000 by Jess and Suzanne King of Austin, Texas. The Kings formed the not-for-profit (501(c)(3) charity because they wanted to make a financial difference in the area of Breast Cancer. They also wished to honor Mrs. King’s father, the late Dr. William E. Shields, who had been a well-known breast surgeon.

Jess King was successful in the cable television industry while Suzanne King had gained national prominence in health-care advertising and public relations. Mrs. King became interested in British Royalty when she was given a queen doll as a young child. After purchasing a Princess Diana bride doll in 1985, she became an avid collector of Princess Diana memorabilia. When her husband gifted her on a number of special occasions with Princess Diana Dresses, it became apparent the couple had a collection worthy of public notice.

Pink Ribbons Crusade totally came to life when Suzanne met British-born Maggie Rogers-Kline from Florida, and the two diversely-talented ladies devised a novel plan for raising funds. They assembled Suzanne’s royal collection (including her eight Diana Dresses) and created a historical commemorative exhibit. This grouping has now traveled for many years to invited communities raising funds for breast cancer causes. For the Long Beach exhibition, the King Collection was expanded and has now become the historical backdrop for DIANA: LEGACY OF A PRINCESS. The items included have taken over 30 years to assemble. They represent an individual's passion that has evolved into a charity that continues to positively change lives nationwide.